08 October 2008 ~ Comments Off

Rockin’ @ Pier 4:19

Back from Fall Retreat and amped up, the Pier Band rocked it at tonight worship. Lights, speakers, and the first strum of the guitar resonated without a glitch.

Included are some photos of the venue, and the production team at work. About two years ago we had the funding to update the video, sound, and lighting. Greg Klimetz was responsible for all features sound related, and really ramped up the quality with a JBL line array.

Delta Stage Lighting of Nashville Tennessee came down and helped us with an install on our lighting system. The installed and programmer 8 color scrollers, and a number of par cans and elipsode fixtures. An ETC Smartfade 48 is the lighting console we use each week, and is a great fit for a small system.

I was involved in the video/production and IMAG design of the upgrade and we added two 7 x 10 screens and 3 new Eiki LC-XB22 2000 lumen projectors all around. We run two video production switchers, an Edirol V-4 for 3 cameras and a video source, and a Panasonic WJ-MX50 4 input switcher to switch between the camera switcher output and an iMac running ProPresenter and Keynote for lyrics, videos, notes, and other media presented at events.

Each week I lead a team of highschool student leaders who volunteer their time to run the equipment. We use two Panasonic HVX200 cameras, and one DVX100A for IMAG, and live video to enhance to experience and make it more engadging to teens.

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